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When was the last time you took your Pulse?

Do you remember how your spirit reacted immediately following, and then during several weeks after the World Trade Centers in New York City were destroyed with tragic loss of many, innocent American lives? Think about it. Recall your emotions. Now… Did cultural, socio-political, economic, gender, or even political correctness issues make you pause and differentiate one loss life from another? What was your Pulse like? Moving on… A few days after that unexpected attack on the United States of America, on an early Saturday morning, I made a wrong turn on my way from downstate to upstate NY, and inadvertently had the “opportunity” to drive through the World Trade Center devastation. I saw a ghost town with emergency service personnel and vehicles locked in isolation, fires still smoldering, and a manifestation of unnecessary destruction. I witnessed and felt a personal sense of loss and understood the evil that all too often lurks in some human beings who feel that their politics