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aaduna Spring 2014 Fundraiser ~ We need your Support!


New Players on the Scene

In a few days, we will officially launch our Third Anniversary winter/spring 2014 issue. And with that publication, we will premier our new look and design. The skills and creativity of the Banwa team collaborated with us to bring you - our contributors and readers - a contemporary and exciting re-design, and functionality to our web site. Indigo Graphics and Design, based in Baltimore, Maryland, started the ball rolling in 2011 with our premier issue and its work made a lasting impact on how literary journals should look and feel.Now, Banwa brings its interpretation of aaduna to you.

aaduna thanks Nia Rock who championed support from the Sovereign Bank Foundation whose grant award made this web site initiative possible and in doing so, strengthened our ability to reach deeper into the various communities served by Sovereign Bank.
aaduna has a proven track record of identifying new and emerging artists and creative people.

That momentum led us to Banwa, a web site design company started…