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A Poem for your Wednesday

Feby Joseph (photo provided) Avenues bring us to various crossroads and pathways, some familiar, some new.   Enjoy the work of Feby Joseph. City IV How many times have I done this before? Taken these broken stones to rebuild this broken house. Was this stone ever fresh? Once, when it was whole… maybe That is but a distant memory. Yet. I start fresh – with broken things, The debris of dust and air. The remains of yesterday. I always took a moment to look at the calmness that lay afterwards. At the poignant beauty of destruction The charred remains of a life rewritten Like a tree that grows from a raped stump A few moments of naked brown flesh Then the business of green growth For what else is it but business? This rebuilding of broken lives? If emotions were involved A poem would be uttered at the first end May be a few tears; Then the chapter would be closed – it would be The very last end! The land would be left behind. Not this