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Our Shining Hour…is almost upon us!

There is an excited yet controlled frenzy as we enter the final phase of rolling out the next issue of aaduna filled with exhilarating words and images that are bound to grasp your consciousness and entice you to reflect and discuss. Poets are always an integral part of any issue, and it is “fun” to present snippets, a few words, teasers, from poetic works that may be short, poignant, lengthy, compelling, and always to the point. And entice you to surmise what comes next, how does this poem end? On this day, enjoy work by poets, Daniel Blokh Chukwudi Ezeamalukwuo Okoye ****** Daniel Blokh (photo provided) We Fill Holes In the middle of Gambier Ohio I laid down in a field stained blue in light And thought about boys and girls and everything I wished I'd done, all the Love I want. People will look anywhere for it and somehow I look in people. ***** Chukwudi Ezeamalukwuo Okoye (photo provided) Last night as we circled the streets of Ab

Today…the First Day of August is a Wednesday

And as you know, “Avenues on Wednesday” regularly features poetry and what better way to recognize the first day of August than by presenting poets. Our scheduled poet hails from Seattle, Washington, and joins the ranks of those “avenue” poets who appeared before her.    Tiffany Haty                                                                                       I WAS THE QUIET BLACK GIRL WITH UNRULY PLAITS Sitting barefoot in the dignity of the Black American Ghetto. Archbishops are waxing poetic in a film. Daggers of blood are thrown through the thickening fog I am a bride with no dowry Unmarried I own half of my Blackness from the Diaspora Your whore has no name, And I wept for years in a Chapel Modest and plain. Love was never returned I drank pot liquor when I was seven years old at my Grandparents home for which they labored for as proud Black Americans. Images of an illicit affair are flickering on the TV screen against the darkness of th