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Teasing, Gladden is back!!!

Frank A Gladden, fiction writer/poet, Silver Spring, Maryland 2011 Pushcart Prize nominee and contributor to last year's premier issue, Frank A. Gladden  returns with another poignant story titled, "Needs" that will ignite your imagination.  Here is a brief excerpt:   The police officer glanced around again, pulled his sunglasses down his nose, and slid out the car. He adjusted his cap and pushed his glasses up with his finger, tossed his Playboy magazine on the seat of his cruiser and walked in my direction.             "Hey slick!" he yelled.             I turned around to face the tall, imposing, ruddy-faced man with what appeared to be burn scars covering the left side of his face—striding toward me. Several cars on the narrow street slowed to a stop.             “Me?" I asked, touching my chest—backing away.             "Yeah, I'm talking to you. You stay here?"             "Yeah, I do."             He paused a m

Teasing ... Carlos Evaristo Flores Evolves

Carlos Evaristo Flores Carlos Flores' poetry focuses on human issues that are relevant to the Texas-Mexico border. He seeks to bring a voice to real people who live in this bi-national, bi-cultural and bilingual region. Carlos pens a quiet eloquence and subtle nuance to his work that will captivate readers.  Experience his two poems “Empty Eyes” and “Anxiety of Influence” in aaduna on February 28th.

Teasing the poetry from a scientist…

Dr Spiros Kitsinelis, Light Source Expert        Spiros Kitsenelis was born on May 29 th , 1976 in Mesologi, an area in Western Greece noted for its spectacular lagoons and variety of birdlife.   He was raised in Nea Smyrni and attended the 4th junior and senior high school there. At the age of 19, he left for England where he studied chemistry at the University of Sheffield and got his doctorate in spectroscopy from that institution.        After living in England for 8 years, he moved to Japan for postdoctoral study at Ehime University in the city of Matsuyama .   After his postdoctoral research, he was employed by Philips Lighting in Eindhoven , The Netherlands; served as a chemical engineer for the Greece armed forces, and now works and resides in France .       In addition to his research activities, Spiros is a science communicator and his activities include pioneering projects for his country such as science theater where he has become a prominent figure in this fi