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bill berry's talk at an art gallery in Syracuse, NY.

Many of you know that my collection of racist Black memorabilia ha s been exhibited [and will continue until March 19 th ] at the ArtRage Gallery in Syracuse, New York.   On Thursday, March 10 th , I had the opportunity to deliver a gallery talk.   Focused to be somewhat of a non-traditional discussion, the evening opened with a video by Ellen Ballock, an artist and videographer with   Blalock’s March 2015 visual piece primarily documented my diverse collection of Black dolls, as well as some of the objects that stimulated ArtRage’s interest to mounting an exhibition of racist objects that were ordinary household objects in American homes and part of the dominant culture especially in the 20 th century.    Click here t o v iew Ellen's v ideo  I opened my talk with a reflective creative non-fiction prose poetry piece supplemented by an historical analysis of events that enhanced and fueled the racist thinking that eventually led to