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What a way to kick-off this weekend….

As a global literary journal, aaduna provides its readers with an intimate look at creative people throughout the world. The pending spring 2016 issue continues that tradition with a particular focus on the 3rd most populous city in India. Largely Hindu; considered the IT capital of India with a fascinating history dating back to 1537, Bangalore is the capital of the Indian state of Kamataka. For those who look to vacation in the winter and early spring, Bangalore’s coolest month is December with temperatures around 59 degrees F, and much warmer April temps soar to 95 degrees F. But the city is not what this blog is about.  Prarthana Banikya (Photo Provided) Prarthana Banikya resides in Bangalore, and is a poet whose work put folks at aaduna in states of excitement. Her use of imagery and rhythmic nuances is haunting and lingers in the recesses of your mind as you ponder whether or not you can place yourself neatly between the words and lines of her poetry. So

Tumultuous Tuesday transitions to a Reflective Wednesday

Another Super Tuesday has ended in the world of national politics, and “talking heads” and politicians are pitching their analyses throughout the airwaves.   Maybe, it is time to breathe.   Tyeastia Green (Photo Provided) Tyeastia Green , usually referred to as Tye, offers a complex anecdote to the helter-skelter world where most of us have more to do on our daily calendar than possible to accomplish.   So, do not take this moment for granted.   Read the first two stanzas of Green’s poem “Forsaken Space” and look forward to the rest of this captivating piece in the spring 2016 issue of aaduna.   Tye compels us to think about life intricacies and consequences of human action, and aaduna will feature “Forsaken Space” in its entirety along with “My Heart is Tender” and “Shadows of Dark.” You can read more of Tye in the next issue scheduled for launch in mid-late May, just a few weeks away.         Forsaken Space Container of Vaseline Smells of cheap cologne, cigar

Desruisseaux, Archibald, and more...

aaduna folks are working round the clock to construct the spring 2016 issue and will be doing “such work” for the next few weeks.   Mid-late May is the timeline for us to bring to you another diverse array of poets, writers, and visual artists.   As quiet as we try to keep it, we are tripping over each other with excitement because this issue’s content will challenge, inspire, captivate and prompt re-reads. Team aaduna preparing for launch!  Photo by:  Lisa Brennan Ready?   Let’s kick-off what we want to share from the pending issues…bits and pieces, snippets, observations, and more.       Out of Canada, comes a voice that captivates… Philippe Desruisseaux’s story, “An Adventure with Archibald.” Here is a snippet from the start of the story:     Mike, a teenager with black and purple under his left eye, was in a very dignified neighborhood of well-landscaped lawns without any toys in them. The only unkempt lawn was David Mercer who only minded his lawn twic

SPRING into May…next month!

  Team aaduna, preparing for launch!  Photo by: Lisa Brennan aaduna will launch its spring 2016 anniversary issue, Vol.6, No. 1 in mid-late May. This issue will feature an eclectic and exciting array of diverse poets, writers, and visual artists. Scheduled and pending contributors are  Poetry:    Tamara J. Madison (Orlando, Florida) Dan Leach (Kearney, Nebraska) Tyeastia (Tye) Green (Minneapolis, Minnesota) Rahkshan Rizwan (Eindhoven, the Netherlands) Jacques Wakefield (Laurelton, New York) Prarthana Banikya (Kodihalli, Bangalore, India) Dvorak Telushkin (New York City) Deborah Copeland (New York City) Phylise Smith (Pomona, California) Nitin Lalit (Bangalore, India)  Fiction: Frank A. Gladden (Silver Spring, Maryland) Austin C. Morgan (Jasper, Indiana) Ronald Gauthier (Decatur, Georgia) Moco McCaulay (Heidelberg, Germany) Tim Snyder (Omaha, Nebraska) Merlyn Fuller (Jordan, New York) Philippe Desruisseaux (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) Caitlin Delicata' Alvar