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A New Year...A New Decade...aaduna is ready!

A new year and the start of a new decade. It is a intriguing moment in time that prompts reflection, remembrances, recognition of disappointments and the re-living times of jubilation.
In February 2011, the inaugural issue of aaduna was launched.  Most folks could not pronounce the name let alone knew what it meant. The entity was complex in its simplicity. A multicultural, diverse online literary journal exploring poetry, fiction, non-fiction and the visual arts. A platform for emerging writers (especially people of color and other marginalized folks who unfairly struggled to get their creativity in the public consciousness.) A bridge for established writers and poets to explore other facets of their writing and possibly try different pathways without the dictate of doing what had been done before.

aadunasought to develop a different paradigm in how creatives were treated. We eschewed established publishing customs and sought to initiate artist-friendly structures in everything that we…