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Take a step back ~ breathe!

Home With aromas that bring you back to earlier times and Christmas music wafting through living spaces With TV offering classic holiday movies and young adults away at college now back home rejuvenating their old friendships and other children finding new ways to keep their parents ever watchful With your shopping winding down or just gearing up, you hope that your credit card will not be compromised, and you may not know that Nordstrom has free shipping not only for Christmas but Kwanzaa as well!   Imagine that…. Kwanzaa. With this ‘n’ that still to do…glasses of libation being passed around according to need or desire…and the taste for something to munch on having a life of its own, Take a step back. Breathe.   And remember what this holiday season is really about for you and your family. Regardless of when or how celebrated, aaduna wishes everyone a safe and festive Holiday Season and trusts that the new year will bring each of us wonderful