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Creativity in challenging times…

For those of us in the United States and sister cities around the world, there is tension and perilous conditions. Usually the culprit is Covid-19. For the past several days, it is the murder of George Floyd. For social justice activist creatives, known as cultural workers, this is a challenging and tumultuous time. At aaduna , we have witnessed atrocity on a fellow human being; the growing health pandemic and an unexpected hack that shut down the aaduna website. While the website has been regained and we are working to assess any virus damage to files and contents, we are also witnesses to peaceful protests; unexplained actions by police who are suppose to protect First Amendment rights and a resurgence of “law and order” sentiments that for significant segments of American society is code for more brutality on Black folks, as well as others who seek to take to task authority that have abandoned appropriate bounds of human decency. So, within that milieu… We are working to fully