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As One Chapter Ends, Another Prepares to Start. The Sally Book Is Not Finished!

After twenty years, the High Falls Art Gallery in the Brown’s Race Historic District of Rochester, NY will close on June 30, 2013.   Under the stewardship and direction of Sally Wood Winslow, who is on aaduna’s Board of Advisors, a dear colleague and friend, there will be a void in the cultural and artistic landscape of Rochester and the larger region.   A victim of [unwise] governmental budgetary action, the Gallery, through Sally’s vision, direction and passion for the arts, became a beacon for local, regional and nationally recognized artists, writers and musicians.   William E Berry, Jr. at High Falls bridge - June  2nd 2013 - farewell reception   In fact, I first met Sally (and eventually her partner Roy Sowers, who is also an artist and musician,) in 1997-98 when I relocated to Central New York .   In my exploration of Rochester , I came across the Browns Race Historic District and discovered the Art Gallery , which was part of the High Falls Visitor’s Center.