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aaduna's fall 2012 Cover Photo - Artist Statement

In the past few days, many readers asked for the meaning of the cover photo for aaduna's fall 2012 issue.  We contacted photographer, Yuge Zhou this past weeken d w ho shared her  insight behind this particular photograph. Scroll Below. aaduna Fall 2012 Cover Photo:  "Corruption of the Modern Snow White" by Yuge Zhou, Photographer (c) 2012 Corruption of the modern Snow White 现代白雪公主的贪婪 "The poison of greed creates an inner hunger so that we always seem to be striving towards an unattainable goal. We mistakenly believe our happiness is dependent upon that goal, but once we attain it, we get no lasting satisfaction. Then once again, our greed and desire will arise, looking outside of ourselves for the next thing that will hopefully bring satisfaction. Influenced by greed, we are never content. Living in this material world, people are greedy and obsessed with material things. But eventually, no matter how beautiful or expensive the material th