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Simply food, a circus, and conversation...

Lisa, Carrie, and I left Auburn at 7:37 this past Saturday morning, and returned around 6:40 yesterday evening.  We had dinner (including my Mom, younger sister Ronnie and her partner Allen, oldest daughter Isis, and her cousin Jasmine) at Sequoia in DC (Georgetown area).  Afterwards, we all went to Cirque du Soleil's show "Ovo" at the National Harbour in MD, and had fun comversation at my Mom's place in Arlington, VA to cap the evening.  And while it became an unplanned aaduna free-weekend, the creative juices flowed in that direction.  aaduna will benefit  from ideas on the next trip down  in November around "Thanksgiving" time.  And my Mom is in Auburn until that return trip.  I will get aaduna info to a few bookstores in DC next month.  Kramerbooks and Cafe, and Politics and Prose are top on the list, and there is at least one other (I can't recall the name) in the Dupont Circle area.  Please recommend others .  I'll also visit the Borders on Le