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The Wait is over. No more teasing. Just the real thing!

"Pop The Cork, aaduna has Launched!"  photo by Lisa Brennan, aaduna webmaster  Sometimes, simple is best: The spring 2017 anniversary issue of aaduna is now available at , click Current Issue. And then again, sometimes being wordy is necessary, as well as appropriate. As many of you know, aaduna prides itself on bringing together a distinct, diverse, multicultural, and global collection of creative people who bring an inquisitiveness, contemplation, and insatiable need to express their opinions on the human condition through words and images.  For those of us who read, see, internalize, embrace, share, and possibly create and manifest our own public renderings, aaduna challenges us to perceive the world somewhat differently, through another’s mind and eyes, through a context never imagined before until now. The spring anniversary issue is always a reunion of a prior contributors and folks who are new residents in our community of creati