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Short Takes...#3

Glimpses: Tamara J. Madison Tamara J. Madison is no stranger to aaduna .   Her subtle shadings of words woven into poignant tapestries of poetry have graced previous issues.   She returns with 3 poems, “Redden     poem for Sandra ,” “Tongue Blade for A.S. ” and “Duets.”   We thought about teasing you with her nuanced words and rhythmic phrasings but you’ll have wait for Madison .   It will be worth it!   We promise.   [shorttakesshorttakesshorttakeshorttakesshorttakesshorttakesshorttakesshorttakesshorttake] Gladys Garcia Gladys Garcia was born in Puerto Rico and raised in The Bronx, New York . She has been in the technical support/computer field for the last 20 years.   Due to an unexpected family decision, she found herself exploring the world of video.   With reading, self-study and discipline, creating videos became her passion.   See her work in the next issue as she explores a neighbor of the United States in the Penalver Gallery [shorttakesshorttake

Short Takes... #2

Stephanie R. Stevens thinks her writing is a “bit wired and twisted.”  Her completed manuscript “Lucidity” does offer some of that self-assessment, as well as complex characters who delve in and out of reality and apparitions.  However, that is another story, for another time.  Her poem in aaduna’s fall 2012 issue starts out: He sparkled in the dark and he's in my own mind. His words are more then a whisper his eyes are so much more then just a dream. And I know, I know I'm going to watch him come to life... Artwork by Stephanie R. Stevens [shorttakesshorttakesshorttakeshorttakesshorttakesshorttakesshorttakesshorttakesshorttake] Tara Thierry  (Photo Credit: Olga Georgevich) Tara Thierry is a musician and singer-songwriter. She met an aaduna contributor in a writing workshop and that poet [Cyd Fulton] encouraged Ms. Thierry to consider submitting her work to aaduna .   The fall issue marks the first publication of her poetry.        Watch for

Short Takes...Glimpses and Nuances #1

Welcome to a new feature!  "Short Takes..." will provide you with bits & pieces, tidbits, glimpses, short interviews, teasers, some this 'n' that and nuances surrounding aaduna contributors throughout the year and especially when a new issue is getting ready to be launched.  The fall 2012 issue is coming. So let's get rolling!     The terrors of warfare made sleep something to be feared.   Dreams transported James from his bed to the violence of war.   He would awake screaming, jump up looking for a weapon, or he would stay trapped in his dreams shaking and mumbling incomprehensibly.   Eventually, Nadina would also shake in her sleep and wake up from terrors that had slipped into her dreams from his.      Tim Kautsky - Tim Kautsky is a native Kansan.   He lives, writes and teaches in the Caucasus region of Eurasia . Read his fiction, “The Importance of Names” in the fall 2012 issue.   The above is just a teaser from this work. [shorttakessh

YOU'RE INVITED!!!! Friday, October 19th 5-7PM

Different Path Gallery, 27 Market Street, Brockport, NY PLEASE JOIN William E. Berry, Jr. and Edward Mendes as they read c urrent works of fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction on this Friday, October 19th from 5-7pm at the Different Path Gallery in Brockport, NY.  There is no charge for this event and light refreshments will be served. bill, CEO of aaduna, Inc. and publisher of aaduna , will unveil some of his latest writings at this event by opening the evening and will respond to audience questions after his presentation.  After a brief intermission, Mr. Mendes will present his work.  Audience members will have the opportunity to tour the gallery.   Check out a sampling of bill's work from a previous performance in Seneca Falls, New York for a little "taste" of what's to come this Friday evening. CLICK HERE