Short Takes...Glimpses and Nuances #1

Welcome to a new feature!  "Short Takes..." will provide you with bits & pieces, tidbits, glimpses, short interviews, teasers, some this 'n' that and nuances surrounding aaduna contributors throughout the year and especially when a new issue is getting ready to be launched.  The fall 2012 issue is coming. So let's get rolling!    

The terrors of warfare made sleep something to be feared.  Dreams transported James from his bed to the violence of war.  He would awake screaming, jump up looking for a weapon, or he would stay trapped in his dreams shaking and mumbling incomprehensibly.  Eventually, Nadina would also shake in her sleep and wake up from terrors that had slipped into her dreams from his.  


Tim Kautsky

- Tim Kautsky is a native Kansan.  He lives, writes and teaches in the Caucasus region of Eurasia. Read his fiction, “The Importance of Names” in the fall 2012 issue.  The above is just a teaser from this work.


Sometimes Life is merely

walking in circles while holding one's head,

marching like a turtle

never knowing the expanse of horizon

beyond its shell

These circles are a play of fools and amateurs,

a tragic circus of laughter for one and all

amid the tune

of decadent misery and impoverished joys

The above is an excerpt from Olivia Magdelene’s poem, “Life.”  aaduna will publish  “Life,” “The Black Earth” and “The Key” in the coming fall 2012 issue! 
Olivia Magdelene

Olivia Magdelene is a writer and abstract artist with a background in comparative religion.  She and her children divide time between New York City and Springfield, Massachusetts. Read more about Olivia in the fall issue!