Short Takes...#3


Tamara J. Madison

Tamara J. Madison is no stranger to aaduna.  Her subtle shadings of words woven into poignant tapestries of poetry have graced previous issues.  She returns with 3 poems, “Redden    poem for Sandra,” “Tongue Blade for A.S.” and “Duets.”  We thought about teasing you with her nuanced words and rhythmic phrasings but you’ll have wait for Madison.  It will be worth it!  We promise. 


Gladys Garcia

Gladys Garcia was born in Puerto Rico and raised in The Bronx, New York. She has been in the technical support/computer field for the last 20 years.  Due to an unexpected family decision, she found herself exploring the world of video.  With reading, self-study and discipline, creating videos became her passion.  See her work in the next issue as she explores a neighbor of the United States in the Penalver Gallery


Josefina Piñeyro

Josefina Piñeyro began writing short stories while taking creative writing workshops as an English major at The City College of New York. She has been unpublished up until now!  aaduna will present Josefina’s “A Dying Breed” and Hudson River Fishing” in the fall issue.  Here is a short glimpse from the opening of “Hudson River Fishing.”

I could still smell the sewer underneath Riverbank Park entrance. The pouring rain brought a humidity and mustiness that crept its way into my senses even as I tried to hold  my breath. I floored the accelerator, trying to pass without breathing in the putrid smell. The large green highway signs whiplashed by as I tried to stay below the speed limit. I finally gasped for air in an agitated pant when the signs started to slow down as I came across the one I was looking for: