Short Takes... #2

Stephanie R. Stevens thinks her writing is a “bit wired and twisted.”  Her completed manuscript “Lucidity” does offer some of that self-assessment, as well as complex characters who delve in and out of reality and apparitions.  However, that is another story, for another time.  Her poem in aaduna’s fall 2012 issue starts out:

He sparkled in the dark and he's in my own mind.

His words are more then a whisper his eyes are so much more then just a dream.

And I know, I know I'm going to watch him come to life...

Artwork by Stephanie R. Stevens


Tara Thierry  (Photo Credit: Olga Georgevich)

Tara Thierry is a musician and singer-songwriter. She met an aaduna contributor in a writing workshop and that poet [Cyd Fulton] encouraged Ms. Thierry to consider submitting her work to aaduna.  The fall issue marks the first publication of her poetry.      

Watch for “Who For Nina Simone with Dedication to Oy,” “Ride the Sky Ars Poetica” and “Worlds Collide”.  The following teaser is an excerpt from “Ride the Sky…”

The poet whispers
to the sky and tree in the wind

Traps of words fill the air
Gleefully stepped into

Beloved, here is a lock of hair
For this moment
For grace
For gratitude

             There rides the sky holding dreams
Near the moon.


Melvin Douglas

Melvin Douglas has maintained a lifelong love affair with both the written and spoken word and has been writing poetry for several years.  However, he only recently started to seek publication.  Now, he is a published poet and an integral part of aaduna’s community of writers and artists.  Below is the first stanza from his “Cry Fe De Youth”.  Read that entire poem and “The People (Humana)” and “World Beat (Music in Languages I Don't Understand)” in the fall issue.

The smiles of youth were pried
from our eyes at an early age—
kept like concubines;
caged, but in love with this
asphalt and brick equivocator.
Riddles the streets speak
are not at all unique; but
things fall apart
at particular speeds.
Gleams in fathers' eyes grew
into prepubescent prevaricators.