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What happens when the sands of time run out?

Do you flip the device over to give yourself more time? Do you resign yourself that you overused your opportunity?   Do you chuckle and move on?   Whatever you do with the why, with the when as the sands of time silently fall to the bottom of the hourglass is personal. Just know…   That fleeting time is never recaptured and made to live another day even if you flip the bottom to the top.   At aaduna , we create a new day.   After a hiatus that was not necessarily self-induced, aaduna is back.   The 2020 double issue presents intriguing, captivating, and imaginative work in words and images from a diverse array of creative contributors.     Go to , click on Current Issue . Enjoy! aaduna Summer 2020 Cover Art,  “Family Atomic, Jones Beach, NYC 1948”, Robert Bharda, digital artist  (c) 2020 *** aaduna   -  an online adventure with words and images  - a globally read, multi-cultural, and diverse online literary and visual arts journal established in 2010. 

Focusing on the Here and Now

2020 has been a year in turmoil. The global pandemic coupled with social actions to confront racism and its lasting societal consequences continue to challenge expected levels of normalcy. Future and already revised plans, social and work commitments and recreational activities have been abandoned or delayed until further notice. The changing dynamics that impact living life have put people in a whirlwind of uncertainty and anxiety. Creatives continue to try to provide a temporary relief as everyone exists in a state of ‘here and now.’ Importantly, society has not lost its ability to recognize and embrace creativity and its value in getting us through difficult times. With aaduna’s 2020 double issue waiting in the shadows, here are a few more snippets from some of the issue’s contributors.   Bharti Bansal (photo provided) Poet Bharti Bansal resides in Shimla, India     TIMELESS   Timeless When did we move so apart That all I see now are my feathers ripping through

The Genius Creatively Inherent in Diversity

I have spent over five decades working with a diverse range of creatives in a wide variety of artistic expressions. And it still fascinates me that the term diversity in the creative arts may not necessarily be the case. While the recent social justice movements in the United States have prompted many prepared statements from cultural entities, only a few offer concrete, measurable plans to make their gracious words meaningful reality. Most appear to be a statement of the moment,   a statement of convenience. Nonetheless….let’s face the social reality. Homogeneity is boring and more importantly, it assumes a degree of superiority, false privilege and eventually artificiality. aaduna stands on its Mission and more importantly, what you see and read in any issue represents who we are. It is that simple. The proven reality of action behind the words, give those words inherent strength and moral importance. Here are brief opening excerpts from two writers and a snippet of poetry f