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Bearing Witness and Enhancing Knowledge

Friend, "Cheli" with Kings Bay Plowshares 7 activist, Clare Grady and bill berry, jr., vice chair, Harriet Tubman Center for Justice and Peace and CEO/publisher, aaduna, at Clare's talk St. Ann's Church, Owasco NY, July 25, 2019 I suspect there is a critical nexus in what creatives seek to achieve and the agendas of political activists who are invariably seeking a basic societal change that crosses cultural, economic, gender or other artificially constructed barriers. And do creatives seek the same thing? I think so. As I analyze this situation, it is somewhat apparent that both groups seek to enrich humanness while broadening the scope of understanding and deciphering human emotions and more importantly, how we perceive the world around us.  The way each group approaches change and emboldening the human spirit are different to be sure. However, I propose that the core differences, the essence of the desire to expand knowledge and how the world is seen

aaduna contributor's latest and fourth poetry book is NOW available

Dr. James G. Piatt, photo provided James G. Piatt has penned his fourth collection of poems and we strongly encourage fans of the poetic landscape to experience his mindset as he travels and shares diverse plateaus of life experiences and the multiple nuances of being human. Dr. Piatt’s latest poems, travel the roads between spirituality and chaos, war and peace, and darkness and light.   The poems are personal and philosophical, sad and uplifting. They come from the heart and soul of a man who is trying to cope with the elements of a modern nation involved in survival. It is a book of poems in a world of both despair and hope. Solace Between the Lines is now available on Amazon, and the following sites: , , and And Jim Piatt’s poem, “The Odor of the Roses” will grace the upcoming issue of aaduna that we are in the pro