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Maybe you noticed. Maybe you didn’t.

We skipped, leapt, jumped over, passed by, forgot, hop-scotched, tripped over, and regretted last week’s inadvertent oversight. Here’s the deal. Last Wednesday’s "Avenues" omission did not spark my consciousness of its delayed existence until the following day. Truth be told, we were in northern Virginia visiting my 97 year old Mom, who resides in her own apartment in an assisted living facility.   Part aaduna related, part family connections, part discovery, part remembrances…when the road trip ended, the missed “Avenues on Wednesday” finally smacked me upside the head. And made me ponder what to do to make up for that lax of posting. Now, some of us may believe and embrace the fact that two is all too often better than one.   Well, whether or not you think that is true, we decided to take that two lane roadway today.   This “Avenues on Wednesday” presents two powerful voices. Two distinct voices.   Two aaduna contributors, colleagues, and friends. Two