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Sharing a Conversation....What Do You Think?

As we move through the early weeks of a new year, I thought you might want to read a few comments regarding one of the stories that aaduna published.  Keith Laufenberg's "Childhood" (Click to read) was published in the 2010 spring/summer issue.  His nomination for a Pushcart Prize elicited some interesting comments, and in one case, I asked Keith to provide the response. Anonymous said... I read this story about Cole Black and I just wondered if it was true or not. Quite a discussion I have had with many friends about this story if its true or not but it was a really good story and I read it about a month ago but still think about it. D.A. January 9, 2012 10:43 AM Jean Goldstrom said... I'm delighted to see Keith Laufenberg's beautiful story "Childhood" made available to a wider audience. Keith is one of our star writers here at Whortleberry Press. He is well worthy of a PushCart Prize.