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Jeffrey-Paul Hornread at an open mic session during the inaugural season of “word, revisited” in 2017.His fluidity with words and on point analyses of life issues were sparked by his ability to weave words into poignant expressions. Over the past several months, at open mics, and public readings at a variety of venues, Mr. Horn has achieved recognition as a vitally important emerging poet and saw publication of his work in aaduna and via chapbooks under the aegis of Clare Song Bird Publishing.

Tomorrow, Thursday, May 10that 6PM in the Cayuga Museum’s CarriageHouse Theater in Auburn, NY, Jeffrey will take center stage as the featured presenter at “word, revisited.”And I suspect, he will continue on his exploratory evolution of words and poetic ideas.  Come out and welcome him. He will return your faith in and support for him with words that make you reflect, words that inspire, words that excite.  Horn and the audience.  The audience and Horn.    

word, revisited” is a bi-monthly litera…

The Harlem Ladies (and Gentlemen) are back!

And aaduna will once again, for the fourth time, herald and honor the lasting legacy of the Harlem Renaissance in Auburn, NY.

Who would imagine a small, rural, agriculturally based upstate county and small city could support and embrace a pivotal foundation of African-American culture?Let’s remember that the explosion of Black Arts and Letters that framed the Harlem Renaissance challenged societal concepts of inferiority and co-existence between Blacks and whites.And while we are not suggesting that the period was necessarily racial nirvana, it did solidify the national and global creative and intellectual importance of Black thought and achievement.

aaduna supports that historical legacy and knows the May 24th “Creative Journeys & Interpretations to Keep the Renaissance Alive” at the Cayuga Museum of History and Art’s Carriage House Theaterwill be a celebratory fundraising party with words and music.How do we know?
Try Howard Nelson and Jackie Warren-Moorewho individually rocked las…