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In this Season of Reflection…

Every year, I suspect everyone expects the Holiday Season to be several days of peace, gratitude, giving, respect, and quiet reflection.  We prepare and make lists as to what we will do during another new year, and open our hearts for forgiveness even as we remember how someone else got under our skin.  Harsh reality hits!  Engulfs us.  Changes our mood.  We get tired, grumpy, agitated, tired….post-holiday shopping and returning those unwanted gifts that are too tasteless to re-gift. Well, those in the know tend to gravitate towards some type of relaxation exercise, retreats, candles, fragrant oils, lounging baths, and the last ditch effort: turning off the phone.  Shutting down the computer, and maybe binge watching TV shows (cable moreso than network,) that were missed during the regular episodic TV season.  And then, along comes aaduna with its diverse, multi-cultural team of imaginative, thought provoking folks whose words and images craft poignant heart-warming a

Praising YOURSELF, and moving past personal fears...

Yes You Can.  Go For It.  Just Do It.  Keep on Pushin’… Don’t Give Up… You probably already get my point and may surmise where I am heading. I suspect we all have articulated messages of encouragement and positivity to people we know, and yet there are still too many folks who remain reticent, anxious and just frightened when it comes to sharing their creative talents with the public.  I am willing to bet each of us knows at least one person who has superb creative talent and “refuses” to present work in a public arena.  Well…   For the next several days, ‘aadunanotes’ will present creative winter 2017-18 aaduna contributors who can inspire, ignite a spark, and possibly motivate the “quiet ones” to put themselves out there, with our support .  So… I say to those kindred spirits who have yet to come from behind the curtain of anonymity, find and have someone who will give you honest, and yes, critical, fair, and a supportive assessment of your work whether i

Stars do come out during the Day…

In fact they are there for us to see but daylight keeps them hidden and the brightness of the sun (a star!) helps keep these celestial wonders hidden from day time viewing.  Now, with people, there is no visibility issue.  Telescopes or powerful binoculars are not needed to behold the wonder and spirit of human achievement in mundane as well as extraordinary tasks. And creative people are our bright stars. aaduna is most pleased to announce the earth-based “stars” that will bring brightness and illumination to the forthcoming winter 2017-18 issue.  This stellar group and the region where they routinely shine are POETS: Christopher Alex Chablé                    St. Louis, Missouri Michael Chin                                      Rochester, New York Gabrielle Douglas                               Broussard, Louisiana Denise R. Ervin                                  Farmington Hills, Michigan   Marwa Fichera                                    London, UK Frank

Have you missed us? Well, soon you will get more of us than what you imagined or really wanted!!!

As we move through the fourth day of winter 2017, we are putting technical issues that plagued and sent our systems down behind us since we are back up and running.   Running?   Quite literally…we are trying to catch up to the fleeting time that we lost even as time continues to move forward without any help from anyone!  With that said.... We are working to get the forthcoming issue ready…content and genre categories are being finalized.  After that, we will code the entire issue, upload, and then do a final read/review/edit of the issue platform.  The promotional blurbs on the upcoming aaduna issue featuring exciting contributors will kick-off next week until the issue is launched and even thereafter.  So... Enjoy the start of winter, its various festive and blessed holidays, and have a rousing, fun, gracious, and safe start to a new year, 2018! All of us will rock the New Year! We wish you the BEST! Stay creative ~ bill ___