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Making the past relevant to the future

  In March 2021, I communicated with poet, writer, and creative influencer, Janet Mason on the occasion of the publication of her 2020 novel, The Unicorn, The Mystery .  More to the point... Back then, I was road tripping to support my wife’s business meetings and brought Janet’s book along to accompany and nourish my mind while Lisa was engaged in her business activities. Intriguingly, I finished The Unicorn, The Mystery   probably on the eve of St. Patrick's Day. Afterwards, I thanked Janet for her novel’s creativity, and its imaginative journey encompassing myriad imageries, and subtle but endearing wisdoms that dotted each page of the story. I was grateful for the read and savored every sentence and nuance that she put into this work.    {Mason’s novel reminded me that on many Saturday mornings, I “hung” at the Cloisters, a space that was so welcoming and comforting. And the tapestries! My hidden treasure.}    Back then, I thanked Ms. Mason for bringing her gift of creat