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Kat Kruse, still a real cool name!

Kathryn "Kat" Kruse (photo provided) In the January 7, 2015 blog post, I introduced you to Kat Kruse.  Don't remember?  Maybe you do! Regardless, the name is still cool and so is the person behind the name.  Click here to read my Conversation in aaduna's current issue with writer Kathryn Kruse . I enjoyed our chat.  You probably will enjoy reading what she had to say, and maybe even my responses.  Oh my! Yeah, Kat name.      NOTE:  This is the final conversation for aaduna's current issue (Fall/Winter 2014) Watch for future conversations in aaduna's next issue scheduled to launch in mid-April! Help us build community ... aaduna-Inc  Visit regularly for updates ! @aadunaspeaks

“Don’t believe me just watch.”

May 29, 2014 …in Auburn , NY , aaduna, Inc. presented a literary affair featuring poets, writers, and musicians who recreated the ambiance and spirit of the historical Harlem Renaissance period.   The affair was a fundraiser for aaduna , the global online literary and visual arts journal based in that City.   Comments after the affair and then on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media raised the same question or statement, “Are you going to do this again next year?”   …“You should do this again next year.” “Don’t believe me just watch.” Flash forward… May 28, 2015 , Theater Mack, Auburn , NY …aaduna, Inc. will be back at it!  In the Spirit of the Harlem Renaissance…Revisited, 2015…doors open at 6:30 pm with a artist meet and greet…vibrant words and live music…poetry, fiction, spoken word from Cyd Charisse Fulton, Dr. Kevin Jenkins, Howard Nelson, Heidi Nightengale, Bobbie Panek, Catherine Poku, Tearz, and Raymond Nat Turner. Bringing the “downstate/uptown” v