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“Slippin’ into Darkness”…like the fabled Phoenix…it must re-emerge.

Death, resurrection.  A door closes, a window opens.  For every closure, there is a new beginning.  The end is the opening for a new beginning.  Seasons change. In all these scenarios, the focus is on the process and not necessarily the elements that create a period of transition, a moment of change.  So, what does it mean to embrace the valedictorian when a year later another person plays the same role?  We herald a championship athletic team in one season to be replaced by another winner a year later.  We hear “last call” and know hours later the festivities will resume, yet again.  A corporate CEO leaves, another comes in.  A nation’s political leader is eventually displaced, reaches closure.  A new leader emerges to accolades from the people.     In moments of transition, we focus not on the process but the individuals involved.  And for every end of a creative season, whether or not it is performance, visual, musical, dance, or literary based, we gear up