“Slippin’ into Darkness”…like the fabled Phoenix…it must re-emerge.

Death, resurrection.  A door closes, a window opens.  For every closure, there is a new beginning.  The end is the opening for a new beginning.  Seasons change.

In all these scenarios, the focus is on the process and not necessarily the elements that create a period of transition, a moment of change. 

So, what does it mean to embrace the valedictorian when a year later another person plays the same role?  We herald a championship athletic team in one season to be replaced by another winner a year later.  We hear “last call” and know hours later the festivities will resume, yet again.  A corporate CEO leaves, another comes in.  A nation’s political leader is eventually displaced, reaches closure.  A new leader emerges to accolades from the people.    

In moments of transition, we focus not on the process but the individuals involved. 

And for every end of a creative season, whether or not it is performance, visual, musical, dance, or literary based, we gear up for what will come next.  We expect a continuation.  Every end leads to expectations for a resurgence.  A new beginning.  The human spirit requires that there is never an ending.  Just our portal for a new expected beginning. 

word, revisited” was birthed as a transition in 2016…a re-birth when Cayuga Museum’s “word” found closure.

The Museum embraced a partnership with Olive Trees and aaduna, and a different and intriguing literary season was started.  To date, a spring 2017 season, a fall 2017 season.  And like the autumn leaves drifting slowly and softly to the ground, “word, revisited will come to its 2017 end on Thursday, November 9th.  Come celebrate with us ’cause two featured speakers will ignite the evening and close the season with words of joy, contemplation, challenge, and excitement.

Jim Ellis, featured poet, "word, revisited" (photo credit: Lisa Brennan)

Dan Cleveland, featured poet, "word, revisited" (photo credit: Lisa Brennan)

Jim EllisDan Cleveland…two gentlemen of arts and letters.  Longtime supporters of “word, revisited.”  Renaissance men.  Men of poetry, words, imagination. Men whose graciousness and sense of life will captivate you, and make you feel invigorated.  Enable you to feel special, and get in touch with your inner creativity.    

word, revisited” has never presented two featured speakers in one evening.  But closure requires an extra step, something special.  If you have never attended a “word, revisited” evening, please plan to join us.  If you are a regular audience member, get ready to rock!

"Last call."  This event is closure for 2017.

Ron Van Nostrand, publisher of Olive Trees, musician, poet, writer, and the creative force underpinning “A Flock of Free Range Children” will plan, shepherd, and manage the 2018 “word, revisited” season as bill berry fades into the memories associated with the inaugural 2017 season.

End. Beginning.  With that said...

Come out.  Welcome, listen, and celebrate Ellis and Cleveland.

Also, thank Eileen McHugh and Kirsten Wise, Cayuga Museum director and curator respectively, for this community/regional-based literary initiative, as well as the folks from Olive Trees and aaduna.       

$3/person admission.  Wine, beer, soft drinks, snacks available for purchase.  All proceeds exclusively benefit the ongoing initiatives of the museum.

Open mic sign-up starts at 5:30 PM.  Featured speakers at 6 PM with a subsequent Q&A session, brief intermission for mingling, and then open mic. 

word, revisited” is staged at the museum’s performance space, Carriage House Theater, located behind the Cayuga Museum ofHistory & Art, 203 Genesee Street, Auburn, NY.   

Join us.  We look forward to welcoming you and your guests !   


PS Thanks to the legendary band, War.  If you do not know why…!  LOL.

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