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When is raw not enough?

My mother…had a VERY hard life when she was young.   She was on drugs and a prostitute and spent A LOT of time in prison for various crimes that range from murder to theft to federal forgery charges.   As far as my biological father, I was born in April and he was killed in a robbery attempt January of that same year.   All I know is that his name still rings bells throughout the toughest neighborhoods in Pittsburgh (They called him “Cigar”) and the story is he was a pimp, bootlegger and all around street dude.   Raw...not when it is fiction; maybe when it is real, and even then.... You decide. This recollection is not fairytale, or a made for TV movie.  This is real life.  Are you ready for it? A Conversation with Tearz. Watch for the debut on February 10 th …a different valentine! Click on “Conversations.”