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Here is a poetic thought for Wednesday, July 11th

A poem has the power to take us from one place of reflection and understanding to another subsequent place that may crystalize for us a better understanding of who we are, who we have become, and the road(s) we have traveled on to find our evolving spirit.A poet maintains a particular nuanced essence and grasp of human emotions to help chart our journey.

Eloísa Pérez-Lozano prompts us to reflect with a single poem…this Wednesday on the Avenue.

The Poor

Age 8
My dad slows the van to a stop at a red light
in Monterrey, Mexico,
as my family
slowly approaches
my grandmother’s house
after hours of driving.
The window washers
come towards us,
their eyes weary
and limbs barely covered
by tattered clothes.
The dirty water explodes
on our windshield
as my dad waves them off
unwilling to pay for
a service he didn’t ask for.
But as they scrub
dead bugs away
with ripped up rags,
I convince him
it’s worth giving them
the five or ten pesos
because who knows
when their next meal
will be.

Age 28
On a street corner in downtow…