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Look Out for Jurkovic and Knight and Wyman in the next aaduna issue!

Here is a brief excerpt from Mike Jurkovic’s poem, “Talking w/Roberta about the Civil War” I'm getting out of here no matter how many kings or clowns stand in my way. This two-crayon country is close to war and the South has more weapons this time. More trigger happy rebels than the last time we in the North supposedly won. Intrigued as to where this poem goes? Vol. 4, No.2 is coming…summer is not over yet! And what about this two-crayon country??? Natasha Knight weaves magic and enchantment in her poem “Wonder,” Here is a snippet:   I used to hear the fairies wings fly through my backyard but now the grass is silent as still as a tree.  I used to see the dragon hiding in the tree, playfully nipping me as I climbed, but now the dragon has left me and I sit there all alone. I used to dance with the elves underneath the bright moonlight, our joyful laughter echoing all night long. But now the elves are hiding, though all night I

Introducing Judita Pamfil, artist, poet, writer...aaduna 2014 summer contributor

Judita Pamfil, Poet/Writer/Visual Atrtist Port Hope , Ontario , Canada is nestled at the mouth of the Ganaraska River and situated on the north shore of Lake Ontario .  It is in this small, picturesque town noted for its well preserved Main Street dotted with antique and specialty shops that Judita Pamfil creates bold and vibrant works of art, as well as serene, muted, captivating oil paintings. An elegant poet and writer, Judita's recent artwork is featured in the coming summer issue, as well as her poetry.  Last year, she released MOON SONGS poems.  Pamfil's  wonderfully designed book is available to you by contacting her at If you are a first time reader of her work and observant of her visual images, I suspect you will enjoy what Judita has brought to aaduna and then become a fan!     Here is a sample of her artwork: We look forward to publishing Judita's outstanding work in aaduna's upcoming is

Jasper, IN, Cincinnati, OH, and Levittown, PA…summer 2014 issue…Imagine that, Jasper and Cincinnati and Levittown!

There are writers and poets who craft intriguing stories and verses that find a vacant space in our brain; crawl in oh so quietly; just sit there…without sound or movement …enabling us to feel our latent reactions; shape argumentative opinions, and wish we could hear more words from them.   Here is [Jasper’s] Austin Morgan’s short story excerpt taken from “Julie Templeton and the Automatic Orchestra,” followed by a snippet from [ Cincinnati ’s] Joyce Miller’s poetry and closing out with an excerpt from [Levittown's] Olivia Lin Deluca's "Pure Bliss."   Enjoy! Austin shares,             H e could nearly feel himself flying, as if he would look down and see the tips of his sneakers levitating from the pavement.   Heart on flight in his boney chest, excitement oh-so riveting, unlike anything he had ever felt before.           Maybe it had been the sunrise that he had just witnessed from the top of those bleachers.   The horizon exploding into a haze of col

Introducing Jeffrey Lee Graham…aaduna summer 2014 Contributor

"My Reaction to Despair Volume I" - Digital Book by Jeffrey Lee Graham, aaduna featured artist Volume 4, Issue 2    The aaduna family continues to mourn the tragic passing of Robin Williams, a stellar comedic and dramatic talent and exemplary human being. We do not believe or support pandering or hitching our wagon to a situation that should remain private and sacred. With that said we are taking the rare position to share our decision and behind the scenes talk as we decided to publish an intriguing piece of creative work. Our decision-making timeline is critically important for our readership. On March 29th, Mr. Graham submitted his work to aaduna, and Keith Leonard, our submissions manager, responded, “…I find your work to have a residual power, lingering presence and intriguing affect and have sent it on to our visual arts editor, publisher and a few other reviewers. [Yeah, I jumped started the process.]” On March 31st, Keith once again communicated with Mr. Gra