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aaduna “digs” Diggs!

LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs contributed poetry to the premier issue of aaduna in February 2011.  A prolific writer and performing artist, Ms. Diggs continues to explore new avenues to present her work and cast her unique glow over audiences.  Awhile ago, she initiated a “report” to keep her fan based connected to what she is up to, and we decided that our readership may want to follow her creative career more closely.  Here is the information that you need:  Subscribe to The La Digga Report . LaTasha's new book, TwERK, is now available at Belladonna Books , SPD , La Casa Azu l, St. Marks Bookshop , McNally Jackson and Book Woman For further information: LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs Writer, Sound Artist, Curator, Harlemite Skype: Nevada1970