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aaduna + Tubman – Reflections on being there when…

When aaduna started publishing in 2011, the journal provided a direct link to information on an American hero, Harriet Tubman, who is buried in Fort Hill Cemetery, Auburn, NY, the home of aaduna , as well as the Harriet Tubman Boosters Club’s work to promote the legacy of Tubman.   Back then, the rationale was to ensure that as aaduna developed its expanding national and global audience, readers would get to know a cornerstone of American history – a woman dedicated to social justice, peace, human and equal rights, and the dynamic role of women in creating significant societal, political, and economic change. When Tubman’s 2013 centennial was   approaching, a year earlier, aaduna partnered with poetry contributor, Cyd Charisse Fulton, to present her original poems inspired by the life and legacy of Harriet Tubman titled, “Feeding Off of the North Star” at Tubman’s Thompson Memorial AME Zion Church located on Franklin Street in Auburn.    aaduna Poet, Cyd Charis

Check out Ogene's Poetry

Timothy O'Gene, aaduna poetry editor (photo provided) Timothy Ogene, aaduna's poetry editor, is a prolific poet whose use of language and themes create myriad nuances of imagery and captivation for the reader.   Click  to read some of his work in  Numéro Cinq and look for his collection of poems, "Descent" published by Deerbrook Editions, 2016. Ogene has the ability to weave ideas that can broaden your horizons and uplift your creative spirit.  Check him out.  You will not be disappointed!  *   *   * aaduna - a timeless exploration into words and images - is a globally read, multi-cultural, and diverse online literary and visual arts journal established in 2010.  Visit us at  where we put measurable actions to our words. Help us build community!  Share with your friends,  "like" our Aaduna-Inc facebook page and follow us on twitter @ aadunaspeaks !  aaduna-Inc  Visit regularly for updates !