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The Fire Burns Bright

  In the fall 2016, the fiction pages of aaduna shared a flame of buoyant hope, compassionate wit and a genial creativity that was destined to continue to evolve.   “Prélude à l’après-midi d’un rhinoplastie : or, When the Rabbi Went for a Nose Job.” Daniel R. Goodman, Esq. penned an exquisite story, and that tale also illuminated a simple fact. It forecast more compelling work to come. In the summer 2020, the gift of words came to life, finally.   “A Single Life” was published.   Goodman manifested a work that was years in the making.   His first novel.   In Daniel’s words, “It's about a Jewish man of color whose romantic relationship with a white Christian woman forces him to grapple with his religious and racial identities. The novel intersects with BLM issues (there is a key scene in which he has a confrontation with a white police officer), as well as with a variety of social, philosophical, political, and even theological questions. All of which is wrapped up w