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So, when can you unwrap a December holiday gift early?

When you are dealing with aaduna . Especially when our December is actually January 2020. So much for “early.” Haha. For aaduna fans and followers, as well as journal newbies, you may remember our “ Conversations ” series where I chatted with contributors and other creatives in a free-flowing style. And when completed, shared those conversations with you. You embraced our gesture as a silent observer and reader…sipping tea or some other libation…relaxing…legs tucked…chatting with others about what you learned   about a contributor…always nestled in your favorite chair as you read. So, what is our gift to you? Simply… Abbigail N. Rosewood! Abbigail Rosewood [photo provided] A New York City resident, her debut novel, If I Had Two Lives is currently available and receiving rave reviews from The Los Angeles Review of Books , The New Yorker and various book reviews. Born in Vietnam, she lived there until the age of twelve and once relocating to the USA,