So, when can you unwrap a December holiday gift early?

When you are dealing with aaduna. Especially when our December is actually January 2020. So much for “early.” Haha.

For aaduna fans and followers, as well as journal newbies, you may remember our “Conversations” series where I chatted with contributors and other creatives in a free-flowing style. And when completed, shared those conversations with you. You embraced our gesture as a silent observer and reader…sipping tea or some other libation…relaxing…legs tucked…chatting with others about what you learned  about a contributor…always nestled in your favorite chair as you read.

So, what is our gift to you? Simply…

Abbigail N. Rosewood!

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Abbigail Rosewood [photo provided]

A New York City resident, her debut novel, If I Had Two Lives is currently available and receiving rave reviews from The Los Angeles Review of Books, The New Yorker and various book reviews.

Born in Vietnam, she lived there until the age of twelve and once relocating to the USA, Abbigail earned her MFA in creative writing from Columbia University. An excerpt from her first novel, “…Two Lives…” won first place in the Writers Workshop of Asheville Literary Fiction Contest.

So, what is her novel about?

You will have to find that out on your own. [Holiday giggle.] { Abbigail Rosewood  - take the time to review her book trailer) However, our gift to you will be a post-holiday, January 2020 resurrection of “Conversations.”

Ms. Rosewood will chat with us. We will delve into her spirited nuances, generational experiences and remembrances that are primarily defined by life in two countries. Our conversation will enable you to connect with her sharing spirit and underpin your appreciation of her debut novel. So...

Read her novel…gift it…and then get ready to embrace her compelling information in a month.  

Abbigail N. Rosewood.


January 2020!

Get ready. And have a blessed and joyous Holiday Season. Stay safe, festive and jubilant.


* * * * *

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