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bill berry talks with Timothy Ogene

Timothy Ogene, aaduna featured artist, summer 2012 issue Check out the Timothy Ogene at bill berry’s E-View Points.   CLICK HERE Tim’s poetry premiered in the summer 2012 issue of aaduna .   Here is one of his poems from that issue: Nostalgia (For Kru town, Liberia )   I’ve only been away for two days – but I already miss kru-town and the multiplicity of simplicity it offers; the serenity and slow pace of existence; the quietness of being in touch with untouched quietness; The chaotic scream of street kids yelling at nothing in particular, the combine screech of their scream is better than the piercing, peace-stealing hunk of city cars; I miss walking barefoot on sand, close to the lip of the ocean where salt water kiss my brown feet against white earth. I long to return to the melody of raindrops on my roof; to the undiluted freshness of dawn free from fumes and disturbing city smell.