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When I am at a loss for words…

Every so often, there are rare moments where I become so engrossed in an artistic performance that I find it difficult to capture the event in words that equate what I witnessed. In those infrequent situations, I feel my aftershock, event analysis, and resulting descriptive words are inadequate. Words, sentences, paragraphs collide and unintentionally shatter into shards, and configure as spores meandering every which way even as my thoughts, my words intended to glisten, captivate and create rapture, easily escape and scatter into the crevices of the ether. 

You had to be there. Carriage House Theater This past Thursday A “word, revisited” event. Karen Faris,the featured reader.

Rochester, NY based poet, writer, and mixed media artist, Ms. Faris premiered her poetry-driven performance titled “Mannequin, My Mannequin” from a larger piece “Aliens Like Us” and transformed a cabaret style venue into a distinguishable world manifested by earth’s destruction, alien introspection, unknown poet e…