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Keeping You in the KNOW

There are upcoming literary events that poets, writers, artists, readers and the general public may find intriguing and interesting. Clearly, this short list is not a comprehensive calendar but possibly enough info to get you motivated to search out similar activities in your hometown. Words and Images…are most powerful when experienced and/or used! Brooklyn Book Festival The Poets Forum The 2012 Callalloo Conference Association of Writers &Writing Programs .

aaduna contributing writer gets book published!!!!

aaduna published excerpts from three chapters of Sheila Applegate’s, yet to be published, "Enchanted One" in the spring/summer 2011 issue of aaduna launched on June 6, 2011. CLICK HERE to read excerpts In the spirit of supporting and continuing to nurture our contributing writers, we are most pleased to share this wonderful news with you! Please feel free to communicate with Sheila directly using and join with us as aaduna congratulates her on this achievement! Best Wishes and Continued Blessings, Sheila! ----------------------------------------------------------------- Message Announcement from Sheila Applegate: Book Release December 2012~ Enchanted One The Portal To love By Sheila Applegate It is with pure joy that I am able to announce to you that my book, Enchanted One ~ The Portal To Love is being published through Redwheel/Weiser Publishing! The hardcover, paperback and E book versions will be available around the world via