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Indian Summer and aaduna? When, Where, Why…

While there are several interpretations about the designation “Indian Summer,” there are legitimate indications that Native Americans in the United States started to observe this “season” within a season.   Without a doubt, there has to be a variety of weather conditions that must exist to apply this term.   Some folks say it started on November 2, while others suggest that it can not start until November 11 and end by November 20 th .   We say, “Regardless….” Well, when our former esteemed colleague Keith Leonard talked about having a summer/fall issue, little did we know (at that time) that he was wistfully itching for an issue that would be launched during “Indian Summer .”   Now that we exist with his ever present spirit, maybe he knew something that we did not.   Anyway… Here are a few more snippets from aaduna’s summer/fall 2015 contributors for you to savor and look forward to: Bruce Ellis Alford, (photo provided) Bruce Ellis Alford’s offers an excerpt of an

We interrupt your life with an important announcement...

PLEASE SHARE WITH YOUR COLLEAGUES WHO MAY BE INTERESTED.  THANKS.  aaduna Literary's Writers Conference. New York City. LWC}NYC is a program of the Community of Literary Magazines and Presses [ clmp ] with The National Book Foundation, The New School Graduate Writing Program, Poets & Writers, The Association of Authors' Representatives and with support from Amazon Literary Partnerships . NOVEMBER 12-13, 2015 } A two-day conference for fiction, poetry, and creative-nonfiction writers learning how to maneuver in the marketplace. Meet writers, editors, agents, publicists and publishers. All conference events will be held at The New School, 63-5th Avenue, unless otherwise noted. Register now—space is limited! Price includes two working lunches and two one-on-one meetings with literary agents. Registration is capped at 100, so book soon to hold your spot! If you have questions, please email Thursday November 12 § REGISTRATION & CHECK-IN 10:00a