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aaduna, Inc. decides to get its feet wet

We have heard the phrase “get our feet wet” before, but may not know that the phrase's origin rests in biblical history. From stories and film, we may know the Children of Israel fled Egypt and crossed the Red Sea under the leadership of Moses. However, it was Joshua who lead the chosen people across the Jordan River into Canaan, considered the “Promised Land.” Without trying to delve into biblical scholarship, the original words of the Lord and disciples have been contemporized to reflect that “We can’t get certain desired outcomes until we go forward and “get our feet wet.” {Joshua3: 13-15} We have also heard phrases that deal with reaching for the moon. I would add that we can appreciate the myriad intricacies of branches, but not be deterred by its formation to obstruct us from finding the necessary pathway that we seek. The moon is closer than you think. And we are grabbing it while getting our feet wet. aaduna, Inc. f