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We are, who we are, and who we say we are.

Multicultural, Diverse, Embracing, Intergenerational, the words float and scatter, hold true, create artificiality, misunderstanding ad nauseam.   There are many entities that expound multicultural, diverse and other societal buzz words of inclusion that are shaded by artificiality.   Why?   Because you cannot see or easily discern people of color, people of different sexual orientation, people with various political, or religious beliefs, or those who find solace in racial or cultural identity, or intergenerational status etc. etc. etc. in the public scope of those entities’ actions.     Since 2011, aaduna has sought to provide a viable and global platform for people of color and others whose spirit and creativity did not fit into the pre-established norms of acceptance associated with traditional literary genres and concepts of art and visual representations.   aaduna sought to be a gateway for those who had been traditionally denied access to publication or sought to tr

All Good Things Come To An End!

"Lemon Meringue Pie," (photo credit: Lisa Brennan) The magic of Christmas morning, the surprised Birth Day party, the job promotion, the unexpected marriage proposal, the color blind acting job, the sports championship, the first publication, aaduna individual contributors’ promo blogs, homemade lemon meringue pie with tips of color that look like people I know! Wouldn’t life be so much better and sweeter if it was left up to us to make our lives what we wanted it to be without interference from others…others who often do not have our best interests at heart?   Unfortunately, into everyone’s life some rain must fall…if that rain is cleansing, refreshing, pure, invigorating…we welcome it.   If not, let’s use our umbrella or rainwear so the negative water pours off of our spirit into the gutter that welcomes it.   And we will stand, drier, and full of joy. Our final two winter 2017-18 contributors bring us that refreshing rain that makes crops grow, children sp