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Diligence and Defined Pathways…a solution

As society grapples with this season of religious observations and whether the COVID-19 curve is flattening (depending on where you live and in what country,) there remains grief, anxiety, mental and emotional challenges, as well as those practical issues to mask or not and how many feet is required for appropriate physical distancing. For some of us, we find safety in memories and continued hope that new ones can be created…in time. For aaduna , a lasting and cherished memory will be witnessing the first time that today’s poet danced across the stage at an annual aaduna fundraiser. And we are pleased that this poet has continued to explore the impact of “old school” music on his development as a person and creative pathway. So, we hope everyone finds safety in her/his memories and create your pathway that will enrichen your future.  ANONYMOUS SAXOPHONE SOLOS Listening to old music, listening to music from a long time ago, I was listening to Phil Spector’s greatest hits,