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Bennett did captivate, educate, and enhanced the poetic word

On a bi-monthly basis, using the 2nd and 4th Thursday, the Cayuga Museum, Olive Trees, and aaduna host a literary series where creative people who use "words" to define and shape their creativity are invited to share their work in a pleasant and comfortable environment. The series, ( ) hosted in Auburn, NY's Theater Mack, which is the performance space for the Museum, includes an open mic session after the featured speaker's presentation and Q&A session.  With beverage and snack service, cabaret and traditional auditorium seating, the ambiance is nurturing and welcoming.

The admission is $3/person with all proceeds benefiting the Museum's core programs and exhibitions.

Last Thursday, "word, revisited" welcomed a retired Bruce Bennett who continues to do, what is his passion, write words.

Here is a reflection from bill berry, aaduna's publisher.

"I first met Professor Bennett back in the late Nineties…

Transforming Snippets to an Enticing Body of Work