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aaduna contributor gets Shortlisted!!!

Tamara J. Madison, aaduna winter 2014 issue A 2011 Pushcart Prize nominee for “Kentucky Curdled,” Tamara J. Madison’s poetry graced aaduna’s premier issue in February 2011, as well as subsequent issues in fall 2011, fall 2012, and winter/spring 2014.   Tamara J. Madison, The Seward House Museum, Auburn, NY Ms. Madison participated in aaduna’s inaugural public reading at The Seward House Museum, Auburn , NY in October 2011 and was a featured aaduna reader at Hudson County Community College , Newark , New Jersey in April 2012.   A prolific poet, performer, and writer, Tamara has published her work in other esteemed journals and publications.   (Please visit .)   However, there is a special kinship between Ms. Madison and aaduna .   She is a founding member of what we graciously call the "aaduna family." So, here is the deal. Tamara has been shortlisted (i.e. one of four finalists) for the 2015 Willow Books Literature Award for