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The Diversity of Exuberance: Celebrating Graciousness, Spirituality, Unbound Creativity

  When aaduna was born, it was within the nuances of creating a diverse, multi-cultural online literary and visual arts journal that would not position itself to favor “court” with any one particular societal demographic but stay true to providing access to creatives of color and folks who have been traditionally denied appropriate avenues to present work to a public readership. We achieve that with each issue. We are proud of the compilation of work in any given year that serves as a manifestation of our ongoing mission.     And we have always found it intriguing that even within a societal group, there is a rich diversity of thought, thematic inclinations, and particular viewpoints. However, within this concept of diversity and pluralism, there are humanistic themes and an awareness that threads and permeates   the richness of aaduna’s colorful creative mosaic.   Dr. Sarah Wyman is a college professor of English at a State University of New York college.  Ms. Janet Mason is a

Standing in the Test of Time

  At  aaduna , we are mindful when prior contributors who we have published go forward with book deals; create new pathways for their work; discover and expand different levels of creativity, and build an increased audience reach. We are humbled when those folks return to us by submitting new work or sharing how they have transitioned their pre-established creative avenues towards artistic levels that stretch their imagination and our appreciation of their work. From our perspective, we are reminded of the overarching print and online publication universe, or what some may call a behemoth. So, with that competitive reflection, we remain focused on a visual hanging in the publisher’s kitchen, “Though She Be But Little, She is Fierce.” Photo credit:  bill berry, jr. aaduna is (s)he. {}{}{}     Mark Blickley  and  William C. Crawford  are two visionaries that will be back in the forthcoming issue.   Mark Blickley, (photo provided) Mr. Blickley will present two ekphrasis collaborations.  

The Season to Rejoice, Resurrect, Re-ignite

  Regardless of one’s spiritual leanings, this time of year portends a new beginning - a time to re-assess and re-new where we want to take our lives and how we might elect to change our interactions with others. Nature is wakening up from its winter hiatus. And in the throngs of a global pandemic and its variances, many people are re-assessing where they need to direct their lives and re-direct pathways and re-determine the future hopes and direction of their children and other family members.     When you read the “Publisher’s Message” in the forthcoming  aaduna  issue and the promo blogs prior to that publication, you will get the sense that this is also a time for  aaduna   to re-think itself. How we do that task; when that occurs, and the manner in which it is manifested is still under discussion and deliberation. However, during this time of reflection,  aaduna   will continue its propensity to bring our readers new work by prior contributors while introducing new contributors,