Standing in the Test of Time


At aaduna, we are mindful when prior contributors who we have published go forward with book deals; create new pathways for their work; discover and expand different levels of creativity, and build an increased audience reach. We are humbled when those folks return to us by submitting new work or sharing how they have transitioned their pre-established creative avenues towards artistic levels that stretch their imagination and our appreciation of their work. From our perspective, we are reminded of the overarching print and online publication universe, or what some may call a behemoth. So, with that competitive reflection, we remain focused on a visual hanging in the publisher’s kitchen, “Though She Be But Little, She is Fierce.”

Photo credit:  bill berry, jr.

aaduna is (s)he.



 Mark Blickley and William C. Crawford are two visionaries that will be back in the forthcoming issue.


Mark Blickley, (photo provided)

Mr. Blickley will present two ekphrasis collaborations.  “Root 66” is his ekphrasis fiction collaboration with sculptor Belinda Subraman. Mark’s monologue ekphrasis “Valadon: Reclining Nude” is with artist Judith Luongo. Here is an excerpt from the opening of  “Root 66.” 

When I was alive, my favorite joke to tell was the one about the woman who was arrested at a cemetery for peeing in public on her husband’s grave. When the arresting cop said she must have really hated him, the woman was shocked. “Hate him? I was crazy about him. I’m just crying from the place I miss him most.” 

 Yeah, I know. The joke’s vulgar and silly. But guess what? It always cracks me up when telling it, and truth be told, most people at least giggle if not outright belly laugh. So, if it offends you, get over it.            

    My name’s Craig Luzinsky and I recently died at age 66 of what my liberal lesbian daughter calls Covfefe-19.




William C. Crawford (photo provided)

WILLIAM C. CRAWFORD is a photographer based in North Carolina. He invented Forensic Foraging, a throwback, minimalist approach for modern digital photographers. His new book, DRIVE BY SHOOTING, is available from Here is one visual from the portfolio that aaduna will exhibit in the new issue.

"Friends with Children," William C. Crawford, Photographer (c) 2021


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