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Exploring this Wednesday for Poetry

Michel Griffith pens words, phrases and themes with a subtle eloquence complemented by poignant realities. He walks along poetic avenues with a grace and understanding of nuances and impact of words spoken and those held silent. Enjoy his two poems. Lived                                                                                    Ran fast with scissors sharp blood on her hands in her highest heels and the fur of a borrowed woman. Scandalized a mother born not to bear shame and rollicked a dad born not to bear regrets. Never the reflection of anything, she was always her own light. A muzzle flash shot to the heart, a sonic boom harbinger and echo, a hurricane to shake her family tree, and blow away the ashes of every bridge she'd crossed. Never inched toward anything, only ran until there was no place left for her to go, this woman of so many stories. A life lived loud until her unquiet death. **** Moss It was me. I cut the tree in

Come This Sunday... a Joyous, Exhilerating, Jubilant Recognition

Back in the day, when aaduna was compiling the poets, writers and artists for our premier February 2011 issue, we elected to identify creative minds that had the innate ability to make lasting and significant contributions to the creative arts.   One of those folks, became a stalwart supporter and contributor to aaduna’s emerging legacy of empowering voices that were routinely denied, or made to appear less than relevant to the so-called “Canon”, or simply, not wanted.   Other literary journals and anthologies saw the same strength of character and ability to weave words that were meaningful and pertinent and provided a publication platform. Her voice continues to be crystal. Her ideas expressed through poetry and performance continue to be powerful and focused. Her readings and commentary remain insightful and significant avenues for reflection. Her persona continues to represent and resonate the vitality, thoughtfulness, intelligence, and graciousness that we