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aaduna rocked Bill’s Place: First ever Fundraiser!!!!

bill berry, jr., CEO/aaduna Inc., watches from the edge of the stage, aaduna performanced based fundraiser/friendraiser,   May 18, 2014 @ Bill's Place, Harlem, NY Intimacy is akin to the multi-colored butterfly that rests on your arm without your knowledge and when you discover its unwavering beauty and serenity you revel in its inquisitiveness and embrace your feelings of being special… You forget the shoulders touching distant cousins and your need for personal space that never really existed in urban landscapes that erupt in molten clamminess that sears your being to another, not known or experienced before. The spoken word initiated the afternoon soaring truth to power and breaking down pre-conceived barriers of resistance born in misinformation… Sing song voices drifted the words deeper into a collective consciousness while guitar and viola bolded and italicized the words.   Then, That sax wailed, crooned and dipped into unknown territory reserve