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Short Takes…Sheila Applegate…The Time Is Now

In each of us, there is a special place where we isolate our center being… a place where we hope to find inner peace and tranquil safety.  This is the place where forces that are beyond our control quietly influence and guide us and bring forth our intuition and sense of purpose.  As we get ready to celebrate a new year, I ask you to go to your inner place and reflect on this past year and all that you have achieved.  And hope you truly welcome a new year with a wide embrace, a joyful heart, love, and many expectations for a bright future.  My colleagues and I wish you and your loved ones a very happy and blessed new year.  In this particular season, it is timely that Sheila Applegate’s book, Enchanted One, The Portal to Love is being released.   aaduna published excerpts from the then unpublished manuscript in its spring 2011 issue.  So, as can be expected, we take some pride in announcing that the book is now available for ordering.  While every book eventually finds it audien